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What is the Radixact® System?

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Why the Radixact System?

Superior Precision

Unique helical treatment delivery allows your treatment team to administer the optimal dose of radiation directly to the tumor with high precision.

Treatment Results

Precise dose delivery is designed to provide excellent long-term cancer control.

Minimized Side Effects

High precision minimizes dose to surrounding healthy tissues, which can significantly reduce the most common side effects of radiation therapy such as fatigue or skin problems.

Highly individualized treatment

Anywhere in the body

What is the 
Radixact® System?

The Radixact System is a sophisticated radiation therapy system that effectively treats cancer anywhere in the body with high precision. The only radiation therapy system designed on a CT scanner foundation, the Radixact System uses daily imaging to guide the treatment each day and deliver highly accurate radiation dose from 360 degrees around the patient.

Proven Technology

The Radixact System with TomoTherapy technology is one of the most integrated, advanced systems for comprehensive cancer treatment available today and is routinely used to treat a variety of cancers — from routine to complex tumors, those located in hard-to-reach areas and recurrent tumors.

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