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What is the Radixact® System?

The Radixact System provides a non-invasive treatment option that is designed to target tumors anywhere in the body, while significantly reducing common side effects that may occur with older radiation therapy techniques. The unique design of the Radixact System — featuring integrated CT imaging and helical delivery — provides greater control of the radiation dose so it conforms precisely to the tumor and helps minimize dose to healthy tissue.

Unique helical delivery. Superior precision.

The helical design of the Radixact System — unique among radiation therapy systems — enables continuous 360-degree radiation dose delivery as the patient table moves. The Radixact System revolves around you while thousands of “beamlets” — more precise than the radiation beams of conventional systems – are delivered to the tumor. Each beamlet can deliver a different dose of radiation. Different doses go to different parts of each tumor, with less damage to surrounding healthy tissue. This is called intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT). Integrated imaging and advanced dose-delivery capabilities enable your treatment team to create a more personalized treatment plan and confidently deliver the most precise dose of radiation, directly to the tumor. Radixact helical delivery also enables treatment of a full range of diseases, including larger, more complex tumors, multiple tumors and recurrent tumors.

Why does precision matter?​

To effectively treat cancer with radiation therapy, your radiation oncology team needs to carefully sculpt the delivery of radiation to the target (the tumor) while minimizing irradiation of the healthy, non-cancerous tissues that surround the target. Greater delivery precision helps achieve this goal, which improves clinical outcomes, while minimizing the risk of side effects and protecting patients’ quality of life both during and after treatment.

Integrated imaging. Confident targeting.

Designed on a CT scanner foundation, the Radixact System features fully integrated, daily imaging. This sophisticated imaging technology is seamlessly built into the way your Radixact treatment is delivered, giving your treatment team the ability to clearly see the shape and location of your tumor — anywhere in the body — in real time before each treatment session.

Real-time motion synchronization.

The Radixact System now features Accuray’s unique Synchrony® real-time motion synchronization technology.* It is designed to correct for tumors that move as a result of bodily processes, including respiration and digestion, as well as patient movement. Synchrony is the only technology that uses image guidance during treatment delivery to automatically adapt the movement of the radiation beam in synchronization with the movement of the tumor. The beams of radiation are delivered continuously throughout the treatment session as the patient breathes naturally. In comparison, gating methods deliver radiation only when the tumor is close to the expected location and pause treatment delivery when the moving tumor is outside of the “treatment window.” This lengthens the time the patient needs to be on the treatment table.

*The Synchrony technology is an optional upgrade available for purchase by hospitals.

Why does motion matter?

Some tumors may be located in areas of the body that move regularly, such as the lungs. Also, filling of the bladder, gas in the bowel or even slight patient movements can shift the tumor target by a millimeter or more. Tracking target movement — and synchronizing precise treatment delivery with that movement — helps to maximize treatment effectiveness, while helping minimize dose to surrounding tissues to reduce the most common side effects.

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