Patient Stories

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer

Mary’s Story

Mary Barnhart is a breast cancer surgeon in Portland, Oregon. She spends her days working with women who have been diagnosed with cancer, consulting them on post-surgical treatment options and dietary changes that can benefit their overall health. Through the years, particularly as a general surgeon, Mary has come to see the damage that conventional,

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Christine’s Story

Christine, breast cancer survivor and the inspiration behind Hugs for Healing patient comfort and care products, shares the story of her TomoTherapy® System treatment experience. Christine and her husband pose with grandchildren on a post-treatment trip to Disney World I thought I was the picture of health until I received a phone call from my

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Andrea’s Story

When you first meet Andrea, you can’t help but notice her warm personality, welcoming smile and striking features. It is only after you speak with her that you realize she seems wise beyond her years, and you begin to understand why. Andrea gets a loving squeeze from husband, Wayne. Andrea was diagnosed with breast cancer

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