Patient Stories

Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer

Lauren’s Story

It’s 85 miles from Montgomery to Lauren’s hometown. Laurens made the trip there and back, every weekday, for 5 ½ weeks of TomoTherapy® treatments. He’ll be the first to tell you it was worth every mile, and every minute. A name like Laurens comes with history. One ancestor signed the Declaration of Independence. Others trace

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John’s Story

This article is posted with permission from writer Alice, the Cambridge News and the family of John. The phrase “fit family” could have been coined for the John’s family. Mum and dad are keen rowers; both their daughters are members of a triathlon club. And, as Saturday dawns, they won’t be slumbering under the duvet

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Chuck’s Story

Chuck Mueller proudly calls Wisconsin home. Nonetheless, he and his wife Sandy like to hit the road as often as they can. “We have wheels,” Chuck says, referring to his Motorhome. “We want to be mobile.” But when Chuck was diagnosed with prostate cancer, travel plans were forced to take a back seat. “Oh, you

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