Patient Stories

Diagnosis: Head and Neck Cancer

Mike’s Story

Diagnosis: Squamous cell carcinoma at base of tongue and in two lymph nodes. Date Diagnosed: June 2006 In Mike’s Own Words: “I can infer from my experience with radiation and how I tolerated it versus others who went through other types of radiation, that I made the best decision with my treatment choice. A lot of people have

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Mark’s Story

It’s 2022 and Mark continues to do well following his TomoTherapy® treatment, but his story begins 17 years ago. Please read on to learn more. In August of 2009, 45-year-old Mark completed his first full (140 mile) Ironman in Louisville, Kentucky. Most people never think about attempting this type of athletic challenge but for Mark,

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Günther’s Story

84-year-old Günther was told radiation therapy was not an option. To beat a recurrence of cancer, surgeons recommended removal of his left eye, socket and jaw. Gunther’s family sought a second opinion, and found a new way of seeing things at Germany’s University Hospital of Heidelberg. In 2001, Günther was enjoying his life’s work as

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