Patient Stories

Diagnosis: Head and Neck Cancer

Mike’s Story

Diagnosis: Squamous cell carcinoma at base of tongue and in two lymph nodes. Date Diagnosed: June 2006 In Mike’s Own Words: “I can infer from my experience with radiation and how I tolerated it versus others who went through other types of radiation, that I made the best decision with my treatment choice. A lot of people have

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Mark’s Story

In August of 2009, 45-year-old Mark completed his first full (140 mile) Ironman in Louisville, Kentucky. Just over four years ago, he was dealing with the distinct likelihood that distance running of any distance might never be possible for him again. While shaving one morning in February 2005, Mark noticed a small lump on an

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Günther’s Story

84-year-old Günther was told radiation therapy was not an option. To beat a recurrence of cancer, surgeons recommended removal of his left eye, socket and jaw. Gunther’s family sought a second opinion, and found a new way of seeing things at Germany’s University Hospital of Heidelberg. In 2001, Günther was enjoying his life’s work as

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