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Helical Gantry Design

The Radixact System was designed to revolve around you. The gantry – which holds the radiation source, or the linear accelerator (commonly called a LINAC) – physically revolves around your body during treatment to allow helical or 360-degree delivery of the radiation beams as the treatment table also moves. This not only enhances delivery precision, but largely eliminates the need to stop and reposition the patient during treatment.

Multi-Leaf Collimator

The collimator shapes the radiation beam and can modulate one beam into many smaller, narrow beamlets. Each beamlet can deliver a different dose of radiation. Different doses go to different parts of each tumor. The very large number of small, independent dose contributions is the key to the flexibility in creating highly personalized dose distributions. This allows your treatment team to deliver 3D image-guided intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT).

Integrated 3D CTrue Imaging

The Radixact System looks like a CT scanner because it is one. The daily, real-time imaging acquired before every treatment session allows treatment teams to see the target — and automatically synchronize with target motion, from breathing or other anatomical shifts — to ensure accurate delivery of the dose, giving the flexibility to reduce margins and spare normal tissues.

Synchrony Motion Synchronization Technology

The industry-exclusive Synchrony technology leverages the Radixact System’s fully integrated, real-time imaging to continually track patient and target motion — whether from breathing, slight patient movements or other anatomical shifts. The sophisticated Synchrony movement algorithms predicts target movement to precisely synchronize treatment delivery with target movement. It has been designed to further boost treatment efficacy and reduce the most common side effects.


What makes the CyberKnife System unique? It is the only fully robotic radiation delivery system. The robotic design, coupled with real-time imaging, enables the CyberKnife System to deliver ablative doses of radiation directly to the tumor from thousands of beam angles with sub-millimeter precision and accuracy.

Synchrony® Motion Synchronization Technology

The industry-exclusive Synchrony technology enables personalized real-time adaptive delivery of radiation treatment to targets while they are in motion by synchronizing the delivery beam position to the target location precisely and accurately during continuous delivery of a treatment fraction.

Arm-Mounted Linear Accelerator

The linear accelerator (LINAC) delivers the high-energy x-ray photons to the tumor.

Multi-Leaf Collimator

The collimator shapes the radiation beam and can change its intensity. The CyberKnife System features the first-ever robotic arm-mount multi-leaf collimator (MLC), which uses multiple “leaves” to more rapidly shape the beam and enable the efficient treatment of larger targets with fewer beams.

RoboCouch Patient Positioning System

The RoboCouch is a robotic patient couch capable of positioning patients with sub-millimeter precision and accuracy.

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